Donating to:

‘Giving Back’ to the very place that lets us do the thing we love - OUR WORLD

We have set out to make a difference by giving back. Giving you the choice to TAKE 20% off your order or GIVE that 20% to “World Health Organisation (WHO)"

COVID-19 is affecting everyone and our world is fighting to combat this pandemic. 

No more Black Friday, Cyber Mondays. No more Flash Sales... We are on a permanent restructure set out on a mission to give back. 


At the checkout the buyer is prompted with a code, ‘GIVE’ or ‘TAKE’ 20%.


Being a small business our margins are tight however we have found a way to spare 20% to put the ball in the consumers court giving them the choice to give back to the very thing that allows us to clear our minds, keep fit and just breathe. The world is our playground so we're taking the steps taking the $$ out of the retailers hands and putting it where it counts most. 

Of course the you may also simply take the 30% and simply enjoy the quality apparel and there is not harm in this.

Make your choice, use one of the below promo codes:

GIVE20 or   TAKE20

*Min order is $250